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Corio deploys LiDARs for Philippines offshore wind projects

Corio Generation has deployed Light Detection and Ranging (LiDAR) for offshore wind projects in the Philippines. To support its development strategy, LiDARs have been installed in the vicinity of sites in Guimaras and Cavite.

Designed to withstand the harsh coastal environment with a back-up power and monitoring system, the LiDARs will collect detailed information on the wind resources of two potential wind farms and will remain operational for at least 12 months.

“The successful deployment of LiDARs represents a major milestone achievement as we continue to develop our projects off the coast of the Philippines. Our campaign to measure the wind resources confirms the progress we have made in bringing forward offshore wind projects for upcoming auctions in the country,” said Alma Roxas-Aguila, Development Director of the Philippines, Corio Generation.

Corio is one of the world’s leading specialist offshore wind developers. The company aims to develop up to five projects totalling 3 gigawatts (GW) in the Philippines off the coasts of Cavite, Batangas-Mindoro, IIoilo and Guimaras under wind energy service contracts that provide site exclusivity. This pipeline comprises 2 GW of fixed-bottom and 1 GW of floating wind projects.

Corio was named Offshore Developer of the Year in the 2023 Wind Investment Awards. The team has been exploring opportunities in the Philippines prior to Corio’s launch as a new brand in offshore wind in April 2022.