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Complete control from turbine to park

As the demand for flexible, controlled power in the grid increases, today’s wind turbines and parks are growing in size. In order to control these wind parks, and to ensure that they are balanced and able to comply with the grid codes all over the world, Mita-Teknik offers an open, reliable, flexible and intelligent Wind Park Control Concept that gives their customers the edge. PES investigates.

How it works
The hierarchical Wind Park Control Concept consists of field-proven hardware (suitable for the harsh environments), and multiple software packages. All of these units are interconnected by an Ethernet network running the reliable M-Link protocol.

At the heart of the solution, the wind park is controlled by a Park Controller that dispatches the active and reactive power set points, as ordered by a Transmission System Operator (TSO) either directly to the Wind Turbine unit, or via a Cluster Controller that can be introduced in large wind parks or when there is more than one point of common coupling to the grid.

At the point of common coupling, a Grid Monitor can be installed to accurately measure the grid characteristics and send them back to the Park/Cluster Controller for further control.

As part of the concept, a Weather Monitor may supply the Park Controller with meteorological data. By doing so, it’s possible, for example, to produce a wind farm power curve or take special functions like humidity, ice and ambient light detectors into account (upon request). All functions can be setup, monitored and data extracted either directly on the unit or via complete remote control.

Highly-scalable solution
Whether you are installing just a few or even hundreds of turbines, there is one solution that fits your needs! The company’s concept supports from one to 2,500 turbines in 0 to 50 clusters with individual grid and weather measurements and output control in each cluster.

SCADA Integration
Naturally, the concept is fully integrated on all levels in the SCADA system, Gateway, so that you can monitor, supervise and setup the wind park control, no matter if you are on site or on the other side of the world.

Open Flexible System
The concept is designed to be open and flexible, supporting open configurable standards for control and supervision such as:


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