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Combatting corrosion with traditional and new methods

PES Wind caught up with Ed Hall, President of Oxifree, to discover the latest corrosion solutions. Our readers have always been interested in this sector, as it has a real impact on maintenance and life span of the wind turbines. Research and development are at the forefront. The core product encapsulates the part, rather than sticking to it, which lends itself to many different possibilities. Read on to find out more…

PES: A warm welcome to PES Wind Ed, it’s good to talk with you. Would you like to begin by giving us an overview of Oxifree?

Ed Hall: Thank you for having me! Well, in short Oxifree offers anti corrosion solutions for complex metal assets. Our core product is TM198, which is a thermoplastic coating melted down from a solid resin, in the supply unit and applied using a heated hose and gun.

The coating requires minimal surface preparation and can often be applied to live equipment since it does not depend on adhesion but instead encapsulates the asset. The built-in corrosion inhibitor actively protects the metal structure preventing the ingress of air and moisture. It is a versatile product and has potential to bring major savings to infrastructure spend.

In 2020 Oxifree became part of the Seal For Life Industries Group joining a long line of comprehensive protection products and technologies focused on corrosion prevention, fire and temperature protection, as well as cathodic protection.

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