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Clean wind turbines… Inside and out

Clean wind turbines…inside and out
Daniel Alessandri, Strategic Marketing Manager for the power generation division of Pall Corporation, considers the effects of the weather on the wind energy sector.


Roneklint, Denmark. Peaceful, sunny and green…what a change of pace from the horrendous past few weeks spent between Paris and England, all this in a matter of a two hour flight, and a one hour driving south from Copenhagen. Weather in Europe has been impossible to predict, impossible to like, and relentlessly extreme this summer. No need to work for the weather channel to notice; the downpours in England, the heat waves in Greece, and my wife remarking on the very mild “November” we just had in Paris…. Indeed it has been a summer for the record…and mostly for the worse. So this is what global warming does to us? asked my daughter when another torrential downpour had, again, kept her inside the house.

It used to be that “talking about the weather” was just making conversation. These days it is the conversation. And these days, everyone is having that conversation. The public, the media, the industry at large, and revealingly the politicians have brought global warming, and more generally environmental issues to the fore. What a difference five years make…five years and a few instances of freaky weather patterns. So we seem to stand at the crossroads of the environmental revolution. Renewable energy, and especially wind power, stands at its core, and has gained tremendous visibility.

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