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CBED expands fleet with two new SOVs: Wind Evolution and Wind Creation

The Danish shipowning company, CBED, specialised in tailor-made offshore accommodation solutions for the offshore energy sector, acquires two new vessels. The two new SOVs, Wind Evolution and Wind Creation, are expected to be delivered end of Q1 2024 and join the CBED fleet which since 2008 have worked on 31 individual offshore wind projects in Northern Europe.

Following delivery from seller, Dutch-based shipping company Vroon, both Wind Evolution (formerly Vos Start) and Wind Creation (formerly Vos Stone) will be dry-docked for refurbishing, name change and painting according to the CBED fleet design. They will be ready to take on new walk-to-work, IRM and subsea projects starting Q2 2024. The parties have chosen not to disclose the sales amount.

Surge in demand for SOVs

Looking to the future, the coming decade is likely to bring unprecedented demand for vessels to service projects in the offshore sector. According to Clarkson’s latest market report, the offshore wind sector alone is expecting 30,000 turbines and foundations are to be installed by 2030, and the yearly installation rate is set to double from 700-1,000 per year to more than 2,000 per year from 2025 and onwards.

Already now, there is a gap in the market when it comes to the supply of necessary offshore logistics vessels, and as such also an expected surge in demand for Service Operation Vessels, such as CBED’s new fleet additions, Wind Evolution and Wind Creation.

Daniel Alon, General Manager, CBED:

We have been looking for the right opportunity to expand our fleet for a long time, so we are very pleased to have sealed the deal on these two very modern sister vessels. We see a very strong market now, and looking ahead, there will be an even higher demand for high-quality, purpose-built SOVs like Wind Evolution, Wind Creation and of course our existing Wind Innovation. Adding these two SOVs to our fleet brings new opportunities for CBED to take in more projects – also across the oil and gas sector, where we have previous experience too.

Chief Executive Officer, Vroon Holding BV, Martijn Schouten, says:

Vroon and CBED will work together towards a seamless handover of the vessels, which we are confident will continue delivering a high-quality service to the offshore energy industry for many years to come.

Seamless operations in a home away from home

Being sister vessels, both Wind Evolution and Wind Creation have room to accommodate 60 clients living comfortably onboard. The customised walk-to-work vessels both have motion compensated gangways and Kongsberg DP2 systems, allowing for safe transfers to and from offshore installations. In addition, both vessels are equipped with 50 tonnes AHC and 5 tonnes 3D motion compensated cranes.

Both vessels also include onboard offices and meeting rooms allowing for seamless operations, as well as offering leisure time activities such as a fitness room, cinema, TV lounge and gaming facilities.