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Bigger Blades, Smaller Tolerances – Enerpac delivers

Enerpac is exhibiting its latest developments in Wind Power Milling Machines developed specifically for machining blades up to 10 metre diameter with unprecedented levels of accuracy, at Wind Europe on booth C2-A7. Also on the booth is Enerpac’s first dedicated range of wind tensioners for precision bolting of foundations, blades, nacelles, and transition pieces, together with new turbine flange alignment tools.

Even the smallest inaccuracies at the root end of a turbine blade or tower base can impact a turbine’s structural integrity and performance, resulting in reduced output and increasing operating costs. The Enerpac Wind Power Milling Machines are enabling manufacturers to meet the growing demand for repeatable accuracy in a production environment. Enerpac has a proven track record in developing equipment to machine blade diameters up to 6 metres and is now focussing on blade diameters of up to 10 metres.

“As the demand for more advanced and larger wind turbines grows, so does the need for greater accuracy, consistency, and streamlined manufacturing processes,” says Erik Roos, Director of Wind Industry Tools & Solutions at Enerpac. “It’s more important than ever to source the right manufacturing equipment from a trusted development partner with a proven track record of success in the wind sector.”

Wind Tensioners

Bolt tensioning accuracy is vital to the long-term integrity of joint connections in foundations, blades, nacelles, and transition pieces. A world leader in bolting technology, Enerpac, has developed a range of durable, lightweight and heavy duty, ‘next generation’ wind tensioners. Their fit-for-purpose design meets both the engineering demands of wind bolting and the efficiency contractors now expect from their tensioning tools.