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Austria and Australia: International merger set to revolutionise wind power generation

New Orleans –  May 23, 2023 – The efficiency of wind energy production worldwide is set for a major boost with the merger of two sensor technology companies, the Austrian based eologix sensor technology gmbh and Australian company Ping Services.

Both with global reputations for innovation and service delivery, eologix and Ping are joining forces with this strategic merger, to become the leading provider of continuous wind turbine blade health monitoring solutions in the wind energy industry.

The combined technology of the eologix on-blade sensor system and Ping’s continuous acoustic monitoring system will optimise maintenance, decrease repair costs and increase power generation by delivering a complete blade monitoring solution.

eologix CEO Thomas Schlegl said, “By combining our strengths, the joint system will be the only one on the market that offers wind farm operators a comprehensive, real-time picture of blade health and operation.

“A more complete picture of blade health means operators are empowered to recognise issues as soon as they emerge,” Thomas said.

The eologix sensor sits directly on the outer surface of the blade and provides ice detection, temperature measurement and continuous pitch angle monitoring amongst other vibration-based measurements.

Ping’s monitor is mounted on the base of the wind turbine and detects changes in blade health and operation by measuring acoustic signals. It can also monitor for lightning events (using magnetic fields) and ice build-up based on blade sound. Additionally, a monitor has been developed to sit inside the blade to listen for structural damage.

Using the combined system, the data from both monitors will be sent to one receiver and will be viewed by the operator on one dashboard.

The combined product will provide additional applications for blade fault and blade health detection as well as for monitoring and reporting along the entire life cycle of the wind turbine blade.

“Working together, the two systems will create a holistic assessment of blade health and operation, which has never before been provided by one company,” Thomas said.

Ping CEO Matthew Stead agreed.

“The eologix on-blade sensor system working with Ping’s continuous acoustic monitoring system will mean blade health is being measured by ‘feel’ on the blade, and by ‘hearing’, away from the blade,” Matthew explained.

“So, wind farm operators can now have hands, ears, and eyes on the condition of their blades.”

This means that damage is detected sooner so operators can make decisions that reduce maintenance costs and optimise operation around icing events.

“So, there is more up time, less down time and more power generation,” said Matthew.

Thomas also explained that the data provided by the combined monitoring systems makes safety, legal and insurance compliance easier with every operator being able to ‘design’ the system to suit their needs.

“The combined systems can be tailored to meet the individual requirements of every operator, depending on the location, size, make and model of their fleet,” said Thomas.

“And we’ll provide the most cost-effective solution to meet their needs.”

Matthew and Thomas said the synergies between eologix and Ping present the perfect opportunity for combined growth.

“The technology we’ve developed, our products, our business ethos and our company culture all provide a significant foundation from which to expand together and reach our collective ambitions,” Matthew said.

Thomas agreed: “We’re very excited to become the leading wind turbine blade monitoring provider in the world.”

Ping will retain operations in Australia while eologix will remain in Austria, with both companies servicing the global market. While the merger is effective immediately, the first joint product will be launched in 2023 under the combined business names, ahead of a rebrand in 2024.