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Announcing new service levels from the world’s leading provider of submarine cable data….

Still the best, but with a new name!
  • GeoCable has now been renamed GeoCablePro and has for many decades provided precise subsea cable data to customers world wide’
  • Manipulate data and plan cable routes with full access to the GeoCable data set using your GIS software
  • GeoCablePro is only available on a subscription basis and is downloadable on to your desktop
  • GeoCablePro is regularly updated so that you can be certain that your investment is providing the most up to date data available
  • OceanIQ’s unparalleled set of data of submarine cables
  • 97% of the world’s fibre-optic cables as well as the majority of power cables installed globally today
  • In service fibre optic cable, out of service fibre optic cable, power cable, coaxial cable and telegraph cable