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All your spare parts and repair materials with one click

PES Wind caught up with Stefan Weber, the founder and Managing Director of WINDSOURCING.COM. It was a great meeting and we were impressed with the new additions to their solutions. From a small online service to an online B2B shop, 9 years later, boasting some of the top players in the wind industry as customers, or suppliers.

PES: Hi Stefan, it’s a real pleasure to welcome you back to PES Wind. We’ve spoken a lot to you and your team over the last few years and we have seen your company go from strength to strength. As always, we are happy to say that once again we have many new readers, so for their benefit please could you give us a brief overview of WINDSOURCING.COM?

Stefan Weber: Thank you very much for having us again. I am very happy that we are able to talk to PES Wind bring you up to date on what’s happening,

In short, our business model can be described as follows: supplying all spare parts, accessories, and materials for the maintenance and repair of wind turbines, from a single source. In short, everything that the service part of the wind energy sector demands.

This is the business model that Windsourcing.com launched at the beginning of the last decade. We offer an online catalogue with over 50,000 references, and have customers all over Europe, as well as in Japan, South Korea, Australia, Canada, United States, America Central and South.

The idea of founding a specialized company in the supplying spare parts and consumables for the wind turbine market came about as a result of a purchasing group, which we set up with other independent service companies in the wind sector after sales market. What we wanted was to make clear the availability of spare parts and repair materials on an online platform. As a consequence, we started up in December 2011.

The market reaction was almost immediate. Very soon we were being contacted directly by the service companies for their demands. As a result, Windsourcing.com became a specialized distributor and assumed the purchasing and warehousing of products and solutions demanded by the wind energy market, from Vestas, Siemens Gamesa, etc. and also responsibility for the logistical support to our customers.

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