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All in a Spin

Jan Nikolaisen, Co-CEO of ROMO Wind AG, talks to PES about the importance of accurate wind data collection and spinner anemometer technology….

PES: Welcome to PES Wind magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of your organization 
and how you currently serve the wind industry?

Jan Nikolaisen: ROMO Wind was founded by Søren Mouritsen and I in late 2011 based on the belief that a large and attractive market for wind farm optimisation would emerge. We searched the market for innovative technologies to improve wind farm performance and ended up acquiring the spinner anemometer technology from the Danish Technical University. Since then we have focused on improving and commercializing the technology and we are now one of the innovation drivers in the performance transparency and improvement business. Our service offering is focused on improving return of investment by giving wind farm operators better insights, more production and lower loads.

PES: What major technological developments have there been within ROMO Wind – in regards to wind measurement technology?

JN: Since we bought the patent for spinner anemometry from the DTU we have spent a lot of time and money developing and commercializing the technology. We now have a reliable system which we call iSpin, with very high data availability, much lower costs than a couple of years ago, and we believe a far better cost efficiency than other technologies with similar applications. Furthermore we have continuously improved calibration and installation procedures to reduce the measurement uncertainties.


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