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A Danish view of offshore brokering

Anders Helsinghoff Fjord, CEO at North Sea Hagland Shipbrokers (NSHS) is a regular participant in PES Wind. Here he gives us his thoughts on the company, the industry and the future. He has experienced many changes over the years. His company offers a variety of services to the offshore wind industry, which are backed up by years of experience and expertise.

NSHS have worked in the offshore renewables industry worldwide since 2007 and are proud to be one of the preferred shipbrokers, supporting companies with the very important job of chartering or buying a vessel. The company was established in 1976 and after merging with Hagland our history goes back as far as 1872.

We have continued to grow over the years and in 2018 we acquired a shipbrokering company in Germany. So now we have 2 employees in Hamburg, under GmbH. This has strengthened our position and now we can offer many services.

Geographical location

Our main renewables operation area is Europe, where we work mainly on projects in Denmark, Germany, UK and Norway. We are also very active in the US and Taiwan, where the renewables industry is developing quickly. We have sold over 1000 vessels worldwide and have closed charter agreements for every type of vessel, for clients worldwide. We have an impressive knowledge base.

After selling part of the company to Hagland in Norway, we have been approaching other markets and are now working in other industries. In addition, with the acquisition of German shipbrokers, we now have a team that assists industries worldwide.

Our solutions

Our job is to make sure our clients close a deal with the most optimised vessel, both in financial and technical terms. We analyse vessel capabilities against the clients’ requirements, ensuring a perfect match between owners and charterers, or buyers and sellers. For us the result is the most important, as we want to be sure that our client will return again when they need other vessels.

Subsea construction and IMR operations

Subsea IMR operations are frequently carried out in the offshore oil & gas and renewable business. Increased efficiency will reduce both the time of operations and costs. From small ROV Support Vessels to large Dive Support vessels, our team assists Charterers with the procurement of any type of Subsea Construction Vessel. Our data base will match the right DSV/IMR/CSV Vessel to your upcoming Inspection/Maintenance/Repair/Lay/Dive operation.

Port, coastal & long distance, salvage and towing operations

We cover the global tug market and provide our clients with any towage or port and terminal support as required.

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