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A client-centric approach to meet the offshore access needs of the global renewables market

There is a lot going on in the offshore wind market and not only in specific regions; companies around the world are increasingly moving towards generating and harvesting renewable energy. From 2023 onwards, the majority of new offshore wind turbines will be installed outside of Europe. After Europe, Taiwan has become the new hotspot for offshore wind.

Going forward, there will be an increased need for specialised vessels and equipment in Taiwan, Japan, South Korea and the US as well as for technology where the focus lies on safety and efficiency. With a global network of storage and maintenance hubs and regional offices, Dutch offshore access provider Ampelmann offers its innovative technology at the very heart of the upcoming offshore wind hotspots globally.

Ampelmann pioneered the Walk to Work market more than 10 years ago with the launch of its first motion compensated gangway system, inspired by technology traditionally used in flight simulators. The system compensates all six degrees of freedom of a vessel which makes the transfer of workers offshore safer and more efficient than alternative methods.

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