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Sulzer Schmid launches new 3DX™ HP solution with fastest industry turnaround times for multi-GW blade inspections

Sulzer & Schmid Laboratories AG, a Swiss company pioneering UAV technology for wind rotor blade inspections announces the launch of its latest 3DX™ High Productivity (HP) solution specifically designed for high volume inspection campaigns. Thanks to advanced automation and AI-enabled analytics, 3DX™ HP delivers a streamlined single-stop process, making it the most efficient rotor blade… Read more »

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43 N163/5.X turbines: Nordex Group receives orders from South America for 245 MW

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Q CELLS announces strategic partnership with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure

[Irvine, United States, January 13, 2022] Today Q CELLS North America, a leading complete energy solutions provider, announced a partnership with Kendall Sustainable Infrastructure, LLC (KSI), a nationally recognized and forward leaning development and finance firm that manages investments in distributed scale impact-producing assets including solar and energy storage projects. The partnership sets the stage… Read more »

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Equipped for the future: Deutsche WindGuard’s Technical Management

Varel, 2022-01-13: Deutsche WindGuard’s technical management division looks back on a successful year with a number of strategically significant enhancements. In par- ticular, with the implementation of the new, latest technology control centre at the headquarters in Varel, the company has optimally geared up for the future develop- ment of the wind energy market both… Read more »

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RWE announces further milestone for Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm

Turbine commissioning at Triton Knoll Offshore Wind Farm has been successfully completed. The wind farm, constructed by RWE on behalf the project partners, has reached this milestone on time, overcoming the challenges posed by the global pandemic.   Once fully operational, the power output of Triton Knoll will be 857 megawatts (MW), making it one… Read more »

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Scottish offshore wind growth at risk from rising offshore wind transmission charges

A new report has laid bare the impacts of the higher transmission charges faced by Scottish offshore wind generators compared to projects in the south of Great Britain. The research, commissioned by the Scottish Offshore Wind Energy Council (SOWEC), was carried out by independent consultancy ITPEnergised, and uses the latest National Grid ESO forecasts for Transmission… Read more »

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