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  • Our wind, our value

    Thought leaders, environmental impact groups, innovative investors, and those with a deep interest in the future of the EU energy sector will gather for WindEurope’s annual... Read more
  • New methods of grid integration testing

    Offshore wind energy’s expansion demands high-voltage transmission systems, creating together with the offshore wind farms converter-driven grids The electrical challenges... Read more
  • Build up

    Being a manufacturer of components for wind turbines puts one in a perfect position to check the pulse, and temperature, of the industry And, from this vantage point, it’s... Read more
  • Powering the future

    If net zero targets are to be met and sustained over the long-term, offshore wind in the UK and Europe must continue to expand Hitachi Energy is one company that is contributing... Read more
  • Navigating opportunities and challenges off the shores of America

    The US offshore wind market is a burgeoning industry with immense potential and notable hurdles Achieving ambitious renewable energy goals could foster massive job creation,... Read more
  • Cairn Duhie Wind Farm wins with pure lidar approach

    Supported by advisory services provided by DNV, RES, the world’s largest independent renewable energy company has utilised wind lidar as a standalone solution for wind resource... Read more
  • Empowering the future

    From its humble beginnings to its current position at the forefront of technological innovation, we unravel the threads of the Dellner brand story, illuminating the path forward... Read more
  • Lightning monitors: a shockingly vital investment

    This year’s lightning season in the northern hemisphere is thankfully ending Early reports from the field indicate that a significant proportion of lightning strikes caused... Read more
  • Capitalising on under-the-radar investment opportunities

    As the global energy landscape continues to transition from fossil fuels towards cleaner and more sustainable energy sources, the growth and innovation in the renewable energy... Read more
  • Image quality matters

    Crystal clear inspection images That is what blade experts need to consistently deliver accurate rotor blade damage analysis and effective blade O&M Our clients wanted it We... Read more

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Achieiving net-zero in the world of global manufacturing

When we measure carbon footprints, certain large industries capture much public scrutiny, including energy, iron and steel production, transportation, and construction. But there’s another less obvious sector that has significant environmental impact.  Households – representing the average consumer buying everyday things like phones, clothes, furniture, computers, and toys – according to the International Society of… Read more »

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Pacific Green Achieves Planning Consent for its Limestone Coast, South Australia, 1.5GWh Battery Energy Parks

Melbourne / 17 July, 2024 / Pacific Green, a global battery energy storage company, has achieved planning consent from the South Australian Government for its first two grid-scale battery energy parks in the Limestone Coast region of South Australia. The Limestone Coast Energy Park assets will consist of a 0.5GW / 1.5 GWh battery energy… Read more »

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Porto Alegre, Brazil, 17 July 2024 – The World Bank Group has released a study on “Scenarios for Offshore Wind Development in Brazil”  conducted by DNV, the global independent energy expert and assurance provider. This report is one of a series of offshore wind roadmap studies commissioned by the World Bank Group (WBG) under its… Read more »

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GCube backs BESS sector growth with a new $100mn Lloyd’s Consortium

GCube-led BESS consortium, backed by six Lloyd’s syndicates, will provide battery energy storage sector with an experienced market leader, drawing on 25+ years of renewable energy insurance expertise As BESS projects grow in scale, complexity, and value, the consortium will provide up to $100 million in capacity for any single BESS project, across both construction… Read more »

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Schneider Electric UK and Ireland President takes on Belgium and Netherlands in scope expansion

Kelly Becker will take on the challenge of scaling successful growth strategies in support of Schneider Electric’s European operations London, UK, July 16, 2024 — Schneider Electric, the leader in the digital transformation of energy management and automation, has announced that Kelly Becker has expanded her role as President of the UK and Ireland to… Read more »

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ABB recognized as a leader in asset performance management by research analysts Verdantix

ABB ranked as a leading provider of Asset Performance Management (APM) solutions due to ABB Ability™ Genix APM suite Verdantix analyst report records ABB progress from challenger to industry leader status in just 12 months Recognition underscores ABB’s ongoing investment in digital innovation and commitment to the development of APM offerings   ABB has been… Read more »

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