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100 million kilos and counting

With an enviably-long history as EPCI provider of offshore high voltage substations, HSM Offshore B.V. has racked-up a seriously impressive track record in delivering heavyweight multidiscipline projects for the offshore industries. We take a look at the company’s history and apparently buoyant future…

Last year, HSM Offshore was awarded the contract for the provision of the Energinet.dk Horns Rev C Offshore High Voltage Substation. This is the third consecutive OHVS project that HSM Offshore will undertake for the Horns Rev offshore wind farm.
The company’s track record in this particular field began in 2002, when they were entrusted with the execution of the EPCI (Engineering/Procurement/Construction/Installation) Contract for the first Offshore High Voltage Substation, destined for the first phase Horns Rev A offshore development, Denmark.
The second OHVS, covering the Horns Rev B development, was delivered and installed in 2008.
Returning for the third consecutive OHVS project is testament to the fact that HSM Offshore have performed to the full satisfaction of their client Energinet.dk, who are responsible for the complete grid connections of the Danish offshore wind farms.
Moreover, the three projects have seen considerable growth in transformer capacity and deck weight, being 160MW/1000Te, 250MW/1300Te and 400MW/1800Te respectively.
A 2200 Te / 325 MW OHVS was delivered for the Belgian C-Power Thornton Bank offshore wind farm in 2012.
The first ever project undertaken by HSM Offshore for the Upstream Energy sector goes back to as far as 1962, when steel jackets for oil platforms in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela, were delivered.
Since then, no less than 30 topsides (decks), 22 jackets and 64 modules have been successfully delivered to the international Offshore Energy sector, representing a total weight in excess of 100,000,000kg!


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