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WindESCo and Deloitte Partner to Bring Additional Energy to Spain and EU Wind Farms

Boston, MA, USA – WindESCo, the leading wind plant optimization company, has signed a distribution agreement with Deloitte to expand WindESCo’s offerings to wind assets in Spain. Deloitte will be bringing WindESCO’s two SaaS offerings – Find, Fix, Measure and SwarmTM to its existing and new clients in the region. This partnership will help accelerate the global energy transition from fossil fuels to renewables by increasing the profitability of wind energy for owners and operators.

With profit margins being squeezed in an increasingly competitive market and supply chain issues continuing to halt new projects, wind farm owners and operators are turning to innovative technologies to improve the profitability of their existing fleets. Significant amounts of capital are being invested into the region, but existing asset management strategies often fail to provide amplified returns due to a narrow focus on individual turbine performance.

WindESCo SwarmTM is the world’s first commercially available, patented solution for autonomous, cooperative control of wind assets. The system, licensable by OEMs and partners, enables turbines to cooperatively adjust positioning to mitigate wake effects and boost production for the entire farm by 3-5%, as well as monitor for issues such as rotor imbalance, and build resiliency for farms in a climate that is ever changing.

WindESCo’s Find, Fix, Measure is a software that unlocks the true power of wind assets by using high resolution SCADA, rather than standard 10-minute SCADA, to detect over 60 known issues that contribute to decreases in energy production. Find, Fix, Measure continuously monitors for these issues 24/7 and can alert asset managers through its easy to use portal – which also acts as a return on investment tracker.

The partnership between WindESCo and Deloitte will unlock thousands of additional megawatts for Deloitte current customers in the region.

“The Deloitte energy team, led by Enrique Doheijo and Juan Pedro Gravel, is highly respected in the wind energy industry in Spain,” said Ed Wagner, Chief Revenue Officer of WindESCo. “Together, we will be able to help customers in Spain unlock the true value of their wind projects, making renewable energy much more attractive for larger companies that are still heavily invested in oil and gas.”

“WindESCo has shown itself as a leader in energy production improvement, from its case studies and current implementations to the fact that AWS invited them to be a part of the Clean Energy Accelerator in Lisbon, Portugal this year.” stated Enrique Doheijo, Director, Energy, at Deloitte Spain.  “We are proud to be partnering with WindESCo to showcase the technical expertise that its team has cultivated.”

WindESCo’s Find, Fix, Measure has been implemented on over 12 GW of wind turbines in North America, Europe, and China. WindESCo Swarm™, after being announced in late 2021, is being implemented at projects in both North America and APAC.

WindESCo will hold a webinar on October 13 at 14:00 BST where attendees will hear from industry leaders, including Doheijo,  on how wind energy stakeholders in Europe can best adapt to today’s market conditions. Webinar registration is open here.