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Visions full of energy

The battery technology revolution starts now

Every day the sun sends around 10,000 times more energy to earth than the world consumes in the same period of time. Only a fraction of it has been used so far. The decisive factor for a climate-friendly world of tomorrow is to use much more of this energy and, above all, to store it. Due to the natural fluctuations in yield when generating renewable energy, storage systems are the key to success, also for the breakthrough in electromobility. However, this can only be achieved if there are storage devices suitable for everyday use with sufficient capacity and fast charging cycles. Manz AG from Reutlingen, has over more than 30 years of experience in this field.

The global high-tech machine manufacturer with a comprehensive technology portfolio is a leading supplier of production equipment for the manufacturing of powerful and efficient lithium-ion battery cells/-modules and sets international standards. With its extensive expertise, the company helps key technologies achieve a breakthrough and, as a provider of turnkey solutions, continuously develops new production solutions and processes across all industries, including in the field of laser processing. Whether as an independent ‘stand-alone’ system, or as part of a fully integrated production line: laser processing systems from Manz are always the right choice for customer-specific applications or as a standard system.

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