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TSUN’s Gen3 Microinverters Obtain Italy CEI 0-21 Certification: Advancing in the Growing Italian PV Market

Recently, TSUN’s Gen3 series microinverters successfully obtained the Italy CEI 0-21 certification after undergoing strict verification process by the internationally renowned certification body, TÜV NORD. This marks another significant milestone to the Gen3 series microinverters, following the certifications received from Austria, Poland, and the United Kingdom.

Gen3 Italy certification

In recent years, the renewable energy generation market in Italy has experienced rapid growth, particularly in the solar power sector.Italy deployed 2.48 GW of new PV systems in 2022, with the residential solar segment accounting for almost 50% of the total installed capacity.As committed under its old National Energy and Climate Plan (NECP), Italy targeted to achieve 51 GW cumulative PV capacity by 2030 which means it would have had to double 2022 capacity in 8 years’ time.

Additionally, benefiting from the country’s Superbonus 110 tax relief scheme under which the government deducts 110% of the expenses incurred for energy efficiency of buildings installed from July 1, 2020 to December 31, 2023, the residential PV industry in Italy shows promising prospects.

The Gen3 series microinverters, which have obtained the Italy CEI 0-21 grid certification, utilize cutting-edge topology technology. With an input current of 14A, these microinverters can connect two PV modules. They offer an output power range of 300W to 800W, achieving an impressive peak efficiency of 96.7%. Notably, these microinverters boast an IP67 protection rating, ensuring suitability for installation in harsh environments and providing excellent water and dust resistance. Operating flawlessly within a temperature range of -40°C to 65°C, they ensure reliable performance even in extreme conditions.

What’s more, the Gen3 microinverters come equipped with built-in WiFi and Bluetooth communication capabilities, enabling users to monitor their power generation through a dedicated platform. Maintenance personnel can also perform remote software upgrades and fault diagnosis, providing robust support for the safe, reliable, and efficient operation of photovoltaic power stations throughout their entire lifecycle.


Last month, TSUN, in collaboration with an Italian distributor, organized an offline event. This conference brought together over 70 professionals, including engineers and architects, to share insights into the residential PV industry. TSUN is committed to offering distributors cutting-edge technology, innovative products, and timely after-sales support, thereby providing better service and promoting the localized application of TSUN smart energy solutions.


TSUN is devoted to delivering superior performance products to their customers through advanced technology and innovative solutions. Obtaining the Italian certification not only allows the company to scale up and standardize the production of their microinverters but also provides strong market support and quality assurance for their local partners. This achievement holds great significance as TSUN accelerates its expansion in the European market and advances its
globalization process.