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Top quality solar solutions from North America

Silfab Solar is a North American manufacturer of high-efficiency, premium quality solar panels and solar solutions. Our company leverages over 35 years of experience spanning the entire vertical Photo Voltaic value chain including R&D, engineering and product innovation. With our experience in the PV industry, premium product offering and our nimble business model, the company gained traction and business success in the US market over the past few years, competing against foreign manufacturers who could not offer the flexible solutions, delivery options or the quality products demanded by US customers. Silfab currently operates out of two fully automated manufacturing facilities, one in Toronto, Canada and the other in Bellingham, Washington, US.

Recognized as a 2020 PVEL Top Performer for both our conventional and MWT modules, Silfab continues to develop new PV manufacturing processes and technological innovations that leverage strategic partnerships such as this one with DSM Advanced Solar to manufacture premium, high efficiency, MWT solar modules exclusively for the North American market.

MWT is an acronym for a PV cell technology that has been designed specifically on crystalline silicon type solar cells. It stands for Metal-Wrap-Through (MWT). MWT redirects electrical current from the emitter region, typically on the front side of the cell, to the back of the cell by formation of holes or ‘vias’. Metallization paste is then printed into these vias/holes and fired into the cell so that the generated current can be extracted from the backside for both the emitter and contact regions: positive and negative terminals. Therefore, the additional metal that would normally have been shading the front side of the cell, or preventing the cell from absorbing sunlight and converting it into electrical current, is effectively eliminated in order to increase the cell’s conversion efficiency. We are currently the only manufacturer to bring this unique and important technology to North America in a joint venture partnership with DSM Advanced Solar who designs and manufactures the electro-conductive backsheet (ECBS) component.

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