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The largest solar PV park in Sweden to date now ready to enter construction phase

Two Swedish landmark large scale PV projects developed by Helios Nordic Energy AB reach RtB, with a combined electricity production capacity of 113 GWh, are handed over to Danish solar energy company Nordic Solar A/S

Helios Nordic Energy AB, a developer of large-scale PV solar parks entered into an agreement, in June 2022, with a Danish solar energy company, Nordic Solar, to sell four projects from Helios project pipeline.

Two of the four projects have reached RtB, after obtaining all necessary permits and grid connection agreements, and have been handed over to Nordic Solar.

The first project is close to Hultsfred airport in southern Sweden and will have the potential to accommodate for up to 92 MWp capacity, making it one of the largest official PV solar projects in Sweden entering construction phase.

The other project is in the estate of Medinge, north of Örebro and will have the potential to accommodate for an installed capacity of up to 21 MWp. The project has been developed rapidly and it has taken less than a year to obtain all necessary permits and a grid connection agreement with the local grid operator Linde Energi.

“We are very proud to announce these landmark projects that our team has worked so hard to progress during the past two years. We want to highlight the very good cooperative approach by all stakeholders, including the County Administrative Board of Kalmar and Örebro, the municipalities of Hultsfred and Örebro, grid operator E.ON and Linde Energi, our land owners and not the least our investor and new owner in this project, Nordic Solar” – says Andreas Tunbjer, CEO of Helios Nordic Energy,

and continues.

“The Hultsfred and Medinge project handovers confirm our team’s ability to deliver on what we are set out to do- becoming one of the leading renewable energy developers in the Nordics. In total we have brought app. 150 MWp to RtB in a short period of time. This keeps us highly motivated to continue our efforts in making PV solar one of the leading electricity production sources the coming years in the Nordics”.

The projects will now enter a more detailed planning stage and a tendering process will commence for the construction works. Final design and capacity will be established in the coming months. Helios remain active in the projects by delivering construction management services followed by asset management services after the solar parks have commenced operation, which is estimated be before the end of 2025. The projects will then produce around 113 GWh electricity per year to the great benefit of the climate and Swedish electricity consumers. The solar parks are built and financed completely on market terms with no state subsidiaries.

Both projects will also play an important role as booster for the local natural environment, where several measures are planned to increase biodiversity and for the support of the local wildlife.

Helios has been successfully collaborating with Nordic Solar on the design and development phases of the two solar parks. The Danish solar energy company, which develops, builds, and operates solar parks in 12 European countries, is looking forward to supplying the southern region of Sweden with solar energy:

“We are very happy to enter Sweden and to be prepared to get started on building two out of the four solar parks we have planned for the southern region. The demand for sustainable solar energy has never been higher than now, and we are very pleased to participate in increasing the production capacity for this area. Our collaboration with Helios has proven to be very effectful and we’re very happy to be able to move this quick in preparing and establishing the solar parks in Hultsfred and Medinge,” says Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO of Nordic Solar.