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The importance of emerging markets

AlterPower AG is a consultancy and development company in the renewable energy sector. The team consists of professionals with over 15 years’ expertise in the solar/PV industry from investment to implementation.

In July they announced the signing of joint contract with its partners and local developers in emerging markets, for a pipeline of over 3 GW of high quality projects, in different stages of development.

We have been working on these 3 GW of pipeline projects for over 18 months of intensive searching, screening and negotiations with partners. We are committed to helping the renewable energy sector to optimise its costs, to reduce LCOE and to increase the returns of investment.

Putting together different partners and knowledgeable professionals, understanding and auditing geographical markets and specific projects in the renewable markets, has made it possible to reach this milestone of high quality projects with high expectations on IRR.

With AlterPower’s local partners, the company follows the complete project development process from scratch, starting with securing the necessary permits, the land and after careful fulfilment of legal compliance, assuring the connection point to the grid and completing the different steps to ensure it’s a valuable and competitive project once it is built.

The procurement team acquires the most competitive and high level products, from tier one companies, with the highest standards of quality, performance and bankability.

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