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The have-it-all synergy between monitoring & aerial data for solar PV

Every company that owns solar plants wants to generate the highest return.
In order to achieve this, the system’s maintenance teams need to constantly ensure the optimal functioning of all system components, especially the panels and inverters. A solar monitoring system enables you to be informed of your PV system’s performance.

The industry standard: solar site monitoring

It offers information about energy consumption and generation as well as possible damage to your solar system. It’s important to monitor your solar assets in some manner. Without monitoring, it is impossible to determine if your solar panels are operating at their full capacity.

While system monitoring is considered a minimum requirement, detecting and identifying panel faults in large solar systems can be a complex process. Monitoring systems help detect low-performing areas, but finding the specific panel that harms the string output requires more time and advanced testing devices. By utilizing the best of both worlds with system monitoring and aerial data inspections, asset owners can improve the performance of their systems and maintain yields over time.

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