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The electroluminescence experts

We’re once again joined by the CEO of MBJ Solutions,
Dr. Michael Fuß. A long-serving industry expert working at
the heart of innovation both at home in Germany and further afield, he tells us how MBJ Solutions is performing and offers us his take on the sector.

PES: Welcome back to PES. How has business been since we last spoke?

Dr. Michael Fuß: Unexpectedly good. We expected a very slow business this year, but so far we will achieve a turnover like last year or even better.

PES: And what of your operation in China, in particular? How has the market been progressing in this territory?

MF: Here it is still difficult. We have good business in other areas, particularly in emerging markets and in Europe. In Europe we are well known and we are one of the market leaders, in China there is still some way to go to reach the same market position.

PES: The company is approaching five years in business – are you where you want to be at this stage or are you some way off achieving your goals?

MF: In September our sixth year will begin. We are happy with what we have achieved so far and it is much better than we ever expected. We still rely almost 100% on our solar business so far, and we believe the market will come back.

PES: EL technology is fairly new to this market. How has it been received?

MF: Good, there is still a certain potential for upgrading older lines with this technology and it seems that without EL technology you can’t sell any modules in the future. I believe that EL is mandatory for the module production, which is good for us.

PES: You mentioned when we last spoke that you had a new sales partner in China. Has this relationship proved successful so far?


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