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The Big Debate

In a first for PES, we have gathered together an exclusive panel of experts from some of the world’s foremost solar associations. They offer unparalleled insight and analysis and dissect the issues that are uppermost in the minds of the industry’s thought leaders. Enjoy.

PES: Welcome to the magazine.
Can you tell us a little about yourself and your organisation?

Paul Barwell: I joined the STA as CEO in March 2012, following 18 months as a renewable energy consultant specialising in solar and 15 years as an oil trader specialising in energy derivatives. Formed in 1978, the STA is the UK’s leading trade association for solar PV and thermal energy. Our members range from sole traders to major multinationals.

Frauke Thies: I am Frauke Thies, Policy Director of the European Photovoltaic Industry Association. Since September 2012, I am in charge of EPIA’s business intelligence and regulatory affairs activities to make the voice of the PV Industry heard in the European energy debate.

EPIA is the voice of photovoltaics in Europe, with Members active along the whole solar PV value chain and in neighbouring business sectors. Our mission is to promote PV electricity in the European market and to give our global membership a strong and unique voice towards European decision makers. We aim at moving the political debate on key issues for the PV industry, and renewable energy in general, so as to secure and foster favourable conditions for PV deployment in Europe.

To do so, we develop targeted business intelligence on markets, industry and technologies, keeping our Members and external stakeholders informed and up-to-date on the PV industry.

We also take part in several European Projects addressing issues of strategic importance for the growth of the whole PV industry and we communicate the benefits of PV to key stakeholders, such as EU decision makers, the media, the energy sector and the general public. Last but not least, we gather our Members through thematic working groups in order to support the association’s activities and build common positions.


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