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The advantages of vertical integration

The advantages of vertical integration

With the solar marketplace becoming increasingly competitive, some manufacturers and suppliers are reformulating their business strategies to strengthen their footing in the industry. And, for solar photovoltaic specialist Trina Solar, a vertically integrated model is now paying dividends in terms of profit and investor confidence.


Since its debut on the New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) on December 19, 2006, Trina Solar Ltd has achieved some important milestones in terms of sales and marketing, with particular focus in the European market.

The company has diversified its customer base and established itself as a key figure in European PV markets such as Germany, Spain, and Italy, where it offers an accessible approach to customers, with local offices and sales managers. This means Trina Solar can ensure good service and respond quickly to customer needs.

In Germany and Spain, two of most important European PV markets, Trina Solar has signed several major long-term contracts, which will help to accelerate expansion and Trina Solar brand-building across Europe.

Trina Solar recently announced new sales contracts and initial shipments involving three Italian companies and one of Germany’s largest PV suppliers, equal to around 99 MW in total.

The company has also expanded its business network into new markets in Europe, including Austria, the Netherlands and Belgium.

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