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Sustainably-high system performance with Solar Repowering

After years of use, technically complex inverters may fail or suffer from defects. Fronius is offering PV system owners a simple modernisation solution…

The inverter is defective and the warranty has expired. The required service is not available. The PV system does not produce the expected yield. There is a high feed-in tariff and a powerful inverter could be more profitable. PV system owners are faced with a number of new challenges for which the market has few answers. A team of experts at Fronius has been studying these issues for a long time, leaving Fronius in the position to offer its customers a suitable solution that increases the PV system’s performance and brings it up to date with the latest technological standards.

Sustainably high PV system performance for decades – with Fronius it is possible
“Many system owners do not receive the levels of service they need because the relevant inverter manufacturer no longer exists. Fronius has sought – and found – the solution. Our inverters are ideal for repowering PV systems of all sizes. We can also replace inverters from other manufacturers without high installation costs,” explains division head Martin Hackl.

Fronius inverters provide the best conditions for repowering
Fronius offers both single and three-phase inverters, while the carefully compiled product portfolio leaves nothing to be desired in a repowering solution. Whether the existing unit contains a transformer or not is also completely irrelevant. Be it a small self-consumption system in a domestic household or a commercial field installation in the megawatt range, every type of PV system has different requirements.

Fronius inverters cover the power categories from 1.5 to 100.0 kW and also feature an extremely wide input voltage window, making them the optimum repowering inverters. Even PV systems with thin-layer modules can be easily retrofitted with Fronius inverters.


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