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Solutions to meet the needs

Dr. Michael Fuß, CEO, MBJ Solutions, gives PES an insight in to the development of their spectrum of inspection systems, simulation and measurement tools. Asia is an important market to them.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar. Would you like to introduce your company and explain a little about how you serve the solar industry?

Dr. Michael Fuß: MBJ Solutions was founded in 2009 with the idea of building automated electroluminescence inspection systems. The company is located in Hamburg, Germany. Since the beginning MBJ has focused on the PV industry, to which we are supplying electroluminescence inspection solutions for the module production process and have sold more than 300 inspection systems worldwide.

PES: MBJ Solutions offers a range of simulation and measurement tools, inspection systems and more. What is currently most in demand from the market? Why is this?

MF: In 2009 we started with the focus on electroluminescence inspection. At this time the major goal was to increase the product quality. Over time we have added a couple of features to the systems: dark-iv curve measurement, diode check and cell distance measurement. Most of these features were initiated by the customers to increase the level of automatisation and speed. The trend to higher speed and fully automated systems is driven by the ongoing price pressure in the market.

PES: How has the increased interest and uptake in newer cell and module technologies impacted on your business?

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