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Solis Expands Large Scale Hybrid Inverter Offering up to 50kW and Prepares to Showcase Entire Energy Storage Portfolio at Solar Solutions, Netherlands

United Kingdom – XX March , 2024 – Solis, a renowned global leader in inverter manufacturing, is thrilled to announce its participation in the Solar Solutions exhibition in Amsterdam, from 19 – 21 March. This event marks the first time Solis will exhibit its entire 6th generation three-phase energy storage portfolio side-by-side, providing visitors with a unique opportunity to explore the complete offering, which includes the 5-10kW, 12-20kW, and 30-50kW models. The Company’s grid-tied inverter range (5-255K) will also be represented.

A forefront of Solis’ exhibit are the latest high-powered three-phase energy storage inverters, the S6-EH3P20K-H and S6-EH3P50K-H – designed specifically for large commercial and industrial applications. Boasting compatibility with battery models from renowned global brands such as BYD, LG Chem, Dyness, and Pylon Tech, the inverters provide installers and system owners with unmatched flexibility in system design.


On Day 1 of the show, 19 March, Solis invites visitors to a lunchtime launch presentation at the Solis booth (B4), showcasing all the features and benefits of these new products, accompanied by refreshments for attendees to enjoy.

S6-EH3P(30-50)K-H Series:

The Solis S6-EH3P(30-50)K-H series integrates a li-ion battery, battery management system, energy export control system, and DC/AC bidirectional converter in one unit. Meeting the demand for 1200kWh energy storage applications, this series can be widely used in a range of commercial facilities including factories and charging stations, while providing functional services such as peak load shifting, power expansion, and backup power supply. The series supports parallel operation of up to six units, with a backup port capable of supporting 1.6 times overload for short durations.

S6-EH3P(12-20)K-H Series:

The S6-EH3P(12-20)K-H offering is suitable for large residential and small commercial applications. This series supports generator networking and parallel operation of multiple inverters, with a 4 MPPT design perfect for large rooftop PV energy storage systems. The products feature multiple flexible load capacity options, including UPS level switching, 10-second 200% surge power backup overload capability, and adaptability to three-phase unbalanced loads and half-wave loads.

EV Charger:

In addition to the inverters, Solis will also unveil its upcoming EV car charging solution, the S1-EV1P7K/3P22K-S. This innovative solution has an installation time of just 15 minutes and will be compatible with all major EV car manufacturers. Supporting multiple working modes including priority, scheduled, and remote-controlled charging, the S1-EV1P7K/3P22K-S is the perfect solution to be installed alongside other Solis products, fully manageable through the SolisCloud app.

Sandy Woodward, General Manager for Europe at Solis, expressed enthusiasm about the exhibition, stating, “We’re thrilled to be taking part in Solar Solutions again. We’ve had the opportunity to showcase our latest range of energy storage inverters separately at shows throughout Europe already this year and it’s nice to finally have the complete range together! We firmly believe this latest series will prove to be a resounding success throughout Europe.”


Woodward continued, “As with all our shows this year, we’re not just highlighting our technology but also showcasing our outstanding technical service and support offering and the teams behind the scenes. Our after-sales service platform and expert technicians across Europe, provides a hassle-free experience from local experts who speak your language – whether online or over the phone. It’s an offering that we believe sets us apart in this competitive space, and we encourage all visitors to swing by the Solis stand (B4) to hear from our experts firsthand.”

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