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Solar/PV roundtable

The most talked-about feature in PES returns, with a fresh selection of questions for the industry’s most incisive and intelligent commentators. Their approaches may differ, but rest assured that you’re getting the very best analysis that the industry can provide.

PES: Do you think we will see a time when energy produced by solar/PV becomes a major export for Europe’s sun-blessed countries?

Paul Brody: Yes, I believe that will be possible. Cross-border power generation and sales are already standard practices in the utility industry and solar are likely to be no exception. There is certain to be challenges unique to solar including the fact that output cannot be guaranteed.

Additionally, Feed-in Tariffs which have often been very generous to consumers are usually backed with state guarantees or direct or indirect subsidies. That will not easily be applied to cross border outputs.
Given the fact that solar energy as of today represents a relatively small share, the priority will likely be consumption within the home country first and export only once a threshold of solar in the mix has been reached. Initiatives like Desertec, for example, will of course be a completely different situation – as its primary goal is to export.


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