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Solarpro and LONGi partner on 23 MWp plant in Hungary featuring single-axis tracking system

Solarpro, one of the largest EPCs for the sector in Eastern Europe, has cooperated with module producer LONGi to build a 23 MWp solar farm. Located an hour west of the capital on 26 hectares in central Hungary’s Pest region, the plant was connected to the grid in the last week of March. It is expected to generate ca. 33 GWh of electricity per year, which will power around 4.000 homes in the area.

Press images for download: https://sunbeam-communications.com/en/press-pictures-solarpro-and-longi-partner-on-23-mwp-plant-in-hungary-featuring-single-axis-tracking-system/

The farm features 42.606 LONGi modules from the manufacturer’s award-winning Hi-MO 5 series, which are set on a single-axis tracking system to follow the sun east to west throughout the day. This feature enables the plant to maximize the amount of power generated.

On why Solarpro chose LONGi, the company’s Head of Procurement Gabriel Nenov explained, “The key factors have been the great combination of technical and commercial support, plus a highly professional relationship between our two teams. For the past five years Longi and Solarpro have been collaborating strongly and during this time we’ve both continually deepened our expertise and innovative vision.”

Engin Yaman, General Manager LONGi Germany added, “Hungary, with its high irradiation levels, is ranked among the top ten countries by attractiveness for solar photovoltaic energy investments among CEE & SEE countries. Together with Solarpro, we‘re ensuring its market growth. Solarpro Holding is one of the leading providers of a range of solutions for generation, systems integration, and storage of solar energy.

“The company is one of the largest EPC and O&M players in the photovoltaic industry in Eastern Europe, with a significant presence in other main EU markets. The group started its PV business in 2009, with a total installed capacity of about 6 GWp to date, and has very a strong project development and R&D capacity.” Solarpro has developed dozens of major projects in Central and Western Europe, including in Germany, France, Denmark, Poland, the Netherlands, and Portugal.

Hungary has been one of the EU’s top ten largest solar markets, and, although Denmark edged it off the top ten list in 2022 by just a few megawatts, double digit growth continues to be anticipated for this year. With a relatively high 1.950 to 2.150 hours of sunshine per year, Hungary has a significant potential for photovoltaic energy production.

In addition to the Pest region plant, Solarpro and LONGi are also currently collaborating on multiple projects in Bulgaria. With even more sunshine hours, but just 1,5 GW of solar capacity installed by the end of 2022, the Bulgarian photovoltaics market is expected to keep growing over the next 5 years.