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Solar tracker leader and manufacturer PVH opens new factory in Saudi Arabia

PV Hardware (PVH) has inaugurated a new factory in the city of Jeddah. The company celebrated the inauguration with a presentation at the facilities with prominent clients and strategic suppliers they have worked with in the area. PVH Middle East was also honoured with the presence of Eng. Fuad Mosa, Deputy Minister of Energy, Mr. Mohammad Abunayyan, Chairman of ACWA Power and the Spanish Ambassador in Saudi Arabia Mr. Jorge Hevia.

The meeting was an opportunity for all attendees to know PV Hardware’s latest developments in solar trackers, as well as the benefits and supply advantages PVH Middle East offers its customers.  

Iván Higueras, Chairman at PVH, thanked Mr. Mosa, Mr. Abunayyan and Mr. Hevia for their presence and their support. “With this new factory in Saudi Arabia, PVH Middle East will double its capacity, exporting its trackers internationally, becoming the world leader. This is our dream. We will keep working hard, as a family, with our eyes on the next goal of expanding this facility and start thinking about phases 2 and 3”.

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is currently building a strong industrial network in the renewable energy sector. This new facility is expected to produce 8GW per year and provide trackers and structures to solar plants, not only in Middle East, but also large utility scale projects in Europe, Asia, America and Australia.

As the only tracker supplier with local manufacturing and permanent presence in Saudi Arabia, PVH Middle East has proven its level of commitment with the region. “We appreciate the huge effort done by PVH on opening this factory, as a sign of the development of renewable energies in Saudi Arabia. We have a solid experience as a world energy leader, and we are now leading the worldwide transition towards green, sustainable energy. Anyone who wants to play a part in renewable energies, needs to be in Saudi Arabia, and we greatly appreciate the commitment of top companies of the sector, such as PV Hardware, as a key strategic market action”, said Mr. Mohammad Abunayyan, Chairman of ACWA Power. He added that “having PVH Middle East operating from Jeddah ensures our future cooperation and is a sign of the potential of the region in solar power”.

PVH Middle East has been producing in Saudi Arabia since 2021 with more than 60% local content of its components. “This new factory upgrades the previous facility with new state-of-the-art machinery and is set up with a significant increase production up to 8 GW/year to reach 90% local content“, says Youssef Elsayed, PVH Middle East Managing Director.

“This new factory will allow us to boost our activity in the Middle East and consolidate our position as the leading supplier of solar trackers and structures in the area,” says Álvaro Casado, Global Commercial Director of PVH.

By 2023 PVH Middle East expects to supply around 7GW in the Middle East. According to Emilio García, CEO of PVH, this forecast could be exceeded with the capacity of this new production centre. 

“Our experience is that wherever we open a factory, we lead the market, and although the forecasts for next year are good at a global level, we continue to work to consolidate our position as one of the most important solar tracker manufacturers in the world,” said Emilio Garcia.