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Saving the power of the sun

A supplier and manufacturer of lithium battery storage systems, TESVOLT GmbH offers a flexible solution that stores the most of solar power. We took a closer look at the pioneering company and its innovative solutions…

Reliable lithium battery systems (EES)
Able to meet the needs of all users, from family homes to turnkey megawatt power plants, the TESVOLT solution is uniquely flexible. It is portable and can be connected to almost all production units (photovoltaic systems, biogas plants, cogeneration plants, wind farms, hydroelectric power stations), in combination, can be connected to the low voltage grid.

• On-grid
• Off-grid
• Emergency power
• Personal consumption
• Ready for plug & play
• CHP-connection (generator)
• Photovoltaic, biogas and wind energy
• Economical


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