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Remote control

In many remote areas or regions where the electricity supply is unstable or extremely expensive, grids powered by diesel generators are extremely common. With the PV Genset, Fronius is now offering a solution for applications that use diesel as the energy source.

The key to the success of the solution is the Fronius PV system controller. This controls the entire system, ensuring reliable yields and maximising diesel savings, by combining diesel generators with photovoltaic technology to save fuel, reduce costs and make the power supply more reliable. The costs vary of course, depending on the country, transport distance and increasing oil costs on the global market.

The technical, ecological and economic advantages of the PV Genset result in ever-increasing demand. “Fronius has recognised the need for a cost-effective alternative to expensive diesel and, with the PV Genset, we are now offering a solution that saves fuel and minimises energy costs. We also provide support in the system planning phase,” explains Martin Hackl, head of the Solar Energy Division at Fronius International GmbH.

The recent upgrade of an irrigation system for a vegetable plantation in Lebanon demonstrates the potential of PV-Genset solutions.

In Deir el Ahmar, northern Lebanon, power is supplied to the irrigation system of a vegetable plantation using a PV system combined with a diesel generator. “The grid there is very unstable and power grid shutdowns of up to six hours every day are the norm, which is why a reliable, decentralised energy source is required,” explains David Hanek, Product Manager at Fronius International GmbH. The PV-Genset solution from Fronius provides the necessary backup system to ensure a continuous supply of electricity.


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