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raicoon’s unique solar performance guarantee accelerating the energy transition, backed by Munich Re Group

raicoon’s autonomous operations center (AOC), a revolutionary AI-powered SaaS platform, fully automates solar PV operations, detects all measurable faults and eliminates false alarms. The industry-first guarantee promise is backed by Munich Re.

Vienna, Austria – June 5, 2023 – Climate-tech pioneer raicoon, in a historic partnership with global insurance powerhouse Munich Re Group (“Munich Re”), unveils an industry-first 100% fault detection guarantee with zero false alarms for solar energy operations. This alliance bolsters trust in AI-driven solutions in the renewables sector.

Michael Berger, Head of Insure AI at Munich Re, expressed, “The partnership showcases Munich Re’s commitment to absorbing technical risks and fostering sustainable growth in green technologies. Based on Munich Re’s 14 years of experience in renewables, we back the outstanding technical quality of AI-driven solutions like raicoon AOC.”

CEO of raicoon, Ralf Tschanun, added, “Our partnership with Munich Re is a game-changing milestone for raicoon and the renewable energy industry. Our unique 100% fault detection and zero false alarms guarantee empowers customers to trust AI-driven technology and advance the transition to sustainable energy sources without any risk. Our customers can have peace of mind knowing that raicoon AOC runs their PV plants fully autonomously with unprecedented quality and accuracy.”

Munich Re’s AI specialists conducted an extensive analysis of raicoon’s AOC technology leading to the development of a tailored insurance product for raicoon AOC. If the AOC generates a false alarm or fails to detect an anomaly, raicoon will compensate 100% of the loss. The insurance product from a Munich Re Group company indemnifies raicoon for its liabilities to customers as a result of this guarantee, allowing customers to confidently invest in raicoon’s technology without risk.

This groundbreaking collaboration between Munich Re and raicoon empowers the acceleration of the energy transition, increases the efficiency and profitability of solar asset management, and optimizes resource use.

Visit raicoon.com for more information on how raicoon AOC can enhance your solar power plant’s profitability or to schedule a demo.