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Qcells bullish on Belgium market ahead of InterSolution solar trade fair

[Berlin, Germany, January 23, 2023] The organisers of the 11th InterSolution exhibition have announced that this year’s show – the 11th iteration of the solar trade fair, held in Ghent – will be 40% larger than last year: a reflection of the soaring solar demand in Belgium, which is a market that Qcells is extremely bullish on in 2023.

Qcells heads to the historic city of Ghent with a production portfolio spearheaded by our next-generation solar module, the Q.TRON BLK-G2+, as well as a broad suite of solar and storage solutions that should satisfy Belgian homeowner appetites.

This year, expectations are high that Belgium’s solar market can join Europe’s 1 GW club for the first time ever. SolarPower Europe’s EU Market Outlook for Solar Power 2022 – 2026 report forecasts that Belgium will install more than 1 GW of new solar PV capacity in 2023 – having just missed that threshold in 2022.

High module demand, high module quality

A telling statistic from SolarPower Europe’s market outlook is that all three of the Benelux nations are present in the EU’s top five countries for solar capacity per capita in 2022. The Netherlands tops the bill, with 1,044 watts of PV installed per person, with Belgium in fourth (663 watts) and Luxembourg in fifth (629 watts). Penetration is good; in 2023, it can be even better as consumer demand continues to grow.

Servicing that demand is Qcells, which is well-positioned to lead the Belgian market in 2023 having long established a strong presence in Benelux over the past few years. Qcells’ product portfolio – showcased at this week’s InterSolution exhibition – offers the right mix of high quality performance, reliability and flexibility for all types of end customer: from private household to small business owner.

The Q.TRON BLK-G2+ is Qcells’ latest Q.ANTUM NEO module. The Q.ANTUM NEO module technology ushers in a new phase of evolutionary advancement for Qcells, building upon Q.ANTUM Technology to deliver average cell efficiencies of more than 22%. Q.ANTUM NEO is based on a TopCON-type cell structure that incorporates passivating contact technology to reach higher efficiencies than typical PERC-type cells, using N-type wafers. The Q.TRON BLK-G2+ module is being introduced into the Benelux market in 2023.

The Qcells booth at InterSolution 2023 will also feature the company’s latest range of P-type solar modules. Among them will be the Q.PEAK DUO M-G11+ series. This solar module is manufactured using larger 182 mm wafers to deliver an increased power output of 380 – 410 Wp with 108 cells. With its Q.ANTUM DUO Z Technology with zero gap cell layout, the Q.PEAK DUO M-G11 also breaks the 21% efficiency barrier, delivering a maximum module efficiency of 21.4%.

This combination of higher power, high efficiency, a 25-year inclusive product warranty and Qcells’ renowned high quality standards (the module boasts long-term yield security with Anti LeTID and anti PID Technology) makes the Q.PEAK DUO M-G11 the perfect residential rooftop solar module for Benelux homeowners seeking supreme performance, whatever the weather.

Qcells will also showcase an all-black version – the Q.PEAK DUO BLK M-G11+ module – which boasts exceptional aesthetics and an efficiency of 20.8%.

Flexible and reliable battery back-up

Supporting solar’s journey into the mainstream of EU energy networks are batteries. Whether for the home or in the C&I space, storage technology is an increasingly vital component of the energy transition. For attendees to InterSolution, the Qcells booth (Stand No. 8602) rewards the visitor with a demonstration of the complementary storage solutions the company offers, which includes the new Q.HOME CORE system as well as the Q.HOME ESS+ HYB-G3 battery.

The Q.HOME CORE H4 is a hybrid unit that is perfect for the Benelux market thanks to its easy configuration with any new solar installation. With an embedded PV-generator, hybrid inverter, two MPPT trackers and a maximum voltage of 800 V per tracker, this modular system can be adapted to perfectly manage the PV production of a typical household, up to 20.5 kWh.

The Q.HOME+ ESS HYB-G3, meanwhile, has been designed to make the solar-to-solar+storage journey easier than ever. A single trained installer can fit the storage system in just 30 minutes, and the smallest battery – the 3.1 kWh – is perfectly sized to suit the needs of most homes that have a solar system already installed. If you need more capacity, then you can simply scale the system up to 6.1 kWh, and so on to a maximum of 12.3 kWh. The highest inverter power rating for the three-phase system is 15 kW, which will meet the storage needs of most small businesses.

Maarten Ribbens, Head of Sales Benelux for Qcells, said: “The sunny forecast for Belgium’s solar market in 2023 builds on a really strong 2022. Amid the global challenges we saw last year, one reassuring constant across Europe was the continent’s unwavering support for growing its energy independence with renewables.

“Achieving greater clean energy penetration is now the main goal of most governments in Europe, and Qcells is immensely excited to play a leading part in this ongoing transition. We expect Belgium to easily surpass 1 GW of new PV capacity this year, and see high demand for many years to come – which is why Qcells has committed to growing our presence in Belgium in 2023 to ensure that demand is met with our high quality products and industry-leading service.”

Come and say hi to Qcells at Stand 8602 at the InterSolution Trade Exhibition, Ghent, Belgium, January 25-26, 2023.