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PECVD tool meets industry expectations for HJT

PES were eager to meet Frank Jürgens, Sales & Marketing Director, INDEOtec SA, to learn more about their innovative deposition platform for HJT and high-efficiency cells, OCTOPUS, using the Mirror reactor concept. It is both renowned and exclusive. He predicts higher and cleaner manufacturing standards including high-end, high-purity tool sets are on the near horizon and this dynamic company is ready to adopt them.

PES: Welcome back to PES Solar/PV magazine. Thanks for talking with us. For the benefit of our readers we would like you to begin by explaining about the background of INDEOtec and the importance of the Solar/PV industry to you.

Frank Jürgens: Founded in 2007, INDEOtec is a relatively new, Swiss based equipment manufacturing company, headquartered in Neuchâtel (NE), which specialises in high-end thin film deposition technology, mainly PECVD and PVD.

The senior team has an impressive track record of PECVD reactor technology and cluster tool development, for the display flat panel and PV thin film industry, which dates back to 1980. For example, key PECVD reactor milestones such as the Plasmabox and more than 6 system generations of the famous KAI PECVD cluster tool, for substrate panel sizes of Gen 5 and above have been developed by Prof. Jacques Schmitt together with INDEOtec CEO Omid Shojaei (Ph.D.) and successfully commercialised at Unaxis/Oerlikon, which resulted in revenues of > 2.0 Bn USD.

The next generations of PV cells will apply more and more sophisticated thin film manufacturing technologies in order to achieve efficiency levels up to 30% and even more.

INDEOtec’s deposition platform named OCTOPUS, with its proprietary Mirror reactor technology, has been really tuned to the needs of novel cell concepts such as HJT and subsequent high-efficiency cell architectures. Also, our experience and knowledge in designing high-throughput systems made OCTOPUS III the champion.

PES: We have heard a lot about your reactor concept for PECVD deposition applications; could you please explain the various technologies and the advantages of the cluster tool, both in terms of performance and cost savings?

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