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Only the strong will survive the next 12-18 months intact

Trina Solar boasts a proud and successful history as a solar photovoltaic manufacturer since its inception in 1997. Here, PES speaks to Ben Hill about the company’s success story and hears it is far from complacent about its future.

PES: Can you tell us a little about the history of Trina Solar and how it works within the PV industry?


Ben Hill: Trina Solar is a well-recognised manufacturer of PV modules with a long history as a solar photovoltaic pioneer since it was founded in 1997. Basically, the growth Trina Solar has undergone since its foundation can be divided into three differentiated phases. The first stage focused on research in the PV field, including the creation of the Trina Solar Research Centre at a time where only a few companies were investing in renewable energies. A second phase of development started around 2001 and was marked by the installation of 39 PV plants in Tibet, solidifying the company’s position as a well-recognised installer.

The third and more decisive period in the history of Trina Solar was defined by the Initial Public Offering (IPO) on the New York Stock Exchange and the internationalisation of the company in 2006. The IPO allowed Trina Solar to expand faster, secure salient equipment and raw material and to recruit an international management team with significant experience in the PV sector. The human capital of the company, together with the increasing demand and good response from the market – which has supported Trina Solar brand from the beginning, thanks to our high-quality product and service – have helped the company grow to its current status of internationally-recognised PV manufacturer.

PES: We understand you’ve only recently joined the company. Can you share with us your experience and what you hope to achieve with Trina Solar?
BH: Personally I have been working in the PV sector for 23 years, most recently with BP Solar. I have come to Trina Solar to help undertake a very ambitious expansion programme and also to help transform the company to be the partner of choice for anyone needing high-quality product and service at a competitive price.

PES: What challenges do you foresee that the company will face in the coming years?


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