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Newly optimised Vanguard 1P rechallenges the photovoltaic industry as the most reliable solution for desert scenarios.

19th January 2022, TrinaTracker, a Global Leading Smart Tracking Solutions Provider, presented the latest optimization of Vanguard 1P features that position this tracker as the best option to maximise energy production in desert scenarios.  Vanguard 1P is part of TrinaTracker smart holistic solution showcased at the World Future Energy Summit (WFES) in Abu Dhabi.

The intelligent and innovative solution was comprised of the company’s newly optimised Vanguard 1P, the SuperTrack Smart Tracking Algorithm, and Trina Smart Cloud Monitoring and Control system.

This single-row Vanguard 1P tracker was launched to the global market last year at WFES since it is a solar solution originally designed to maximise productivity in deserts like the ones in the United Arab Emirates. Therefore, the company chose the same location in 2023 to present the recent optimisation of the tracker. No matter the obstacle, it continued to perform reliably under high levels of dust, soil movements, extremely high temperatures, and high wind speeds. It was found to be reliable, even when performing under high level of dust, soil movements, hard underground, extremely high temperatures and or high wind speed.

TrinaTracker’s team led numerous meetings to evaluate its clients’ PV installation portfolios in the region. From these discussions, it was clearly discovered that Vanguard 1P is the reference tracking solution for PV projects in desert areas.

This cost-effective tracker includes TrinaTracker’s patented spherical bearing, perfect for coping with dune movements and settlement. This component avoids the need for calibration during the installation, minimises the structure stress and deformation, and, on the other hand, increases ramming tolerances.

Furthermore, the bearing includes an innovative sand-draining design that makes it reliable in high sandstorm environments. Its design avoids premature wear and potential malfunctions.

The upper part of the bearing takes advantage of its spherical arc with a specifically designed surface that automatically removes the sand. With the same purpose, the bottom bearing includes draining grooves, and the bottom seat has draining holes, the bearing material is highly resistant and has an operating temperature resistance of up to 70º C.

Vanguard 1P’s bi-damper system achieves a 20% increase in the damping ratio and a 30% decrease in the Dynamic Amplification Factor (DAF). Consequently, as the tracker’s oscillation time and spread become further reduced, the structure gains higher resistance to gusts in all directions, and it has maximum stability under higher wind speeds.

At the same time, the damper design stops the sand from coming inside, thus avoiding any potential malfunction.

Vanguard 1P’s rounded edges torque tube adds bending resistance by up to 12% and torsional resistance. This design also reduces the number of posts. This is a crucial advantage considering that desert lands are characterised by the hard ground existing under the first layer of sand. Consequently, the installation cost is considerably reduced.

TrinaTracker’s proprietary Tracker Control Unit (TCU) perfectly fits the torque tube and is high off the ground to prevent the intrusion of sand and dust.

The unique structure of the diversion groove makes the rainwater and gravel flow away smoothly. In addition, the TCU has sealing strip (polyfoam) crimping.

Moreover, TrinaTracker TCU and Network Control Unit (NCU) devices, and all motors are dust-tight and protected against water jets, having successfully passed grade IP65, IEC 60529.

Vanguard 1P was subjected to a wind tunnel test performed by wind engineering consultancy leader CPP. The test implantation included a pressure study, free vibration test, 2D sectional model test, aeroelastic study and slope study. The evaluation of the test led to the design optimization of Vanguard 1P, positioning the tracker as the ideal solution for desert scenarios.

The integration of Vanguard 1P, SuperTrack and Trina Smart Cloud ensures the lowest possible LCOE in a PV plant in a desert scenario.

Juan Manuel Gómez, Head of Support Structure Research and Development in EMEA of TrinaTracker stated: “Following our clients’ significant demand to install PV projects in deserts and through continuous R + D + I, we have optimised our already reliable Vanguard 1P to offer the most suitable solution in the market to meet their needs.

We have thoroughly analysed and tested every characteristic typical of desert lands. Then, we improved the design of the components to reach the highest reliability and power generation. As a result, we proudly say that we have developed the perfect smart tracking solution for deserts. Without a doubt, Vanguard 1P achieves the most optimised BOS cost in projects installed in any existing desert around the globe.”

For more information on Vanguard 1P, please visit https://trinatracker.info/Vanguard1Pweb