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New three-phase hybrid inverter from Ingeteam for residential, commercial and industrial self-consumption

Pamplona, 31 january of 2024. 

Ingeteam’s range of hybrid inverters (solar + batteries), so far available only in single-phase version, is now extended with four new three-phase hybrid inverter models of 10, 15, 20 and 30 kW, all of them with two photovoltaic MPPTs (MPPT: Maximum Power Point Tracker). These models are aimed at residential, commercial and industrial self-consumption systems that combine photovoltaic generation with battery energy storage systems.

The main advantage of these hybrid inverters is that two different PV arrays (for roofs with different orientations) and a battery system can be connected to a single inverter, which also integrates the Energy Management System (EMS) as standard. This makes the inverter the brain of the installation, allowing the system to be monitored at all times through a mobile application.

Furthermore, although it is an inverter designed to operate connected to the grid to minimize consumption from the grid, it can also generate an AC grid to supply critical loads in the event of a power outage.

The 10-kW model, which will be the first to be available on the market, can be ordered through Ingeteam’s official distributors at the end of February. The first units will be available in June 2024.