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New ‘as-a-service solution’ helps businesses to ‘match’ energy use with environmental goals

Against a backdrop of unprecedented energy price rises, ABB extends its Ability™ Energy Manager solution with the launch of its new Matching edition, allowing businesses to ‘match’ their energy consumption with the right decisions to make their facilities more energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The concept was designed by Tallarna, winners of ABB’s 2021 Startup Challenge, a global competition challenging digital startups to create innovative ways to address how commercial buildings and industrial power applications can tap into disruptive technologies. A climate technology company for the built environment, Tallarna provides energy savings’ decision-support, insurance, and finance through its AI-platform.

ABB and Tallarna co-created the ‘as-a-service’ solution to make meaningful climate action possible in industrial environments. ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Matching helps operators responsible for the energy consumption of commercial and industrial premises track and meet energy expenditure targets and environmental goals. Through a simple, intuitive interface users can assess energy consumption data from their buildings, benchmark them with similar facilities in the same area and identify the recommended improvements required to achieve their energy targets.

“It is an incredibly challenging time for owners and operators of commercial buildings and industrial plants who have to balance rising energy costs with their commitments to reduce carbon,” said Giuseppe Casagrande, ABB Smart Power Global Digital Leader. “Many customers tell us they lack the tools to properly track how much energy they are using and wasting. This energy matching solution will ensure they have access to the data they need to start making informed choices to improve energy efficiency, cut costs and environmental impact.”

Tim Meanock, Tallarna’s CEO, commented “Empowering smart energy savings requires a collective approach – one that considers building engineering data alongside project risk and financial viability. ABB’s Matching solution represents an exciting step in empowering users with a clear roadmap to driving tangible emission and bill reductions.”

ABB Ability™ Energy Manager – Matching provides an effective way for businesses to gain a full and detailed understanding of their energy usage when they use it – and match it to their energy goals to guarantee efficiency. This leads to optimized building operations, reduced consumption and lower energy costs, while making environmental aims a reality. Key features include local energy efficiency benchmarking with similar buildings, the identification of green investment opportunities and ongoing advice from ABB’s team of energy management experts.

For more information on ABB Ability Energy – Matching visit https://solutions.abb/ability-energy-manager-matching

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