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Making the connection

Sporting a philosophy of inventing market-orientated products, combined with innovation and vision, PES discovers how the firmly-established Multi-Contact has adapted to the challenges that the global quest for renewable energy presents. We speak to CEO, Rainer Isenrich…


PES: Can you explain a little about your company and what you offer the renewable energy industry?
Rainer Isenrich: Multi-Contact (MC) offers solutions in the broad field of electrical contacts. We focus on contacts for high power requirements, like high current ratings, harsh environments, etc. MC has over 40 years of experience in connectors for industries such as : switchgears, bus bar connectors, medical connectors, connectors for welding robots and measurement. As part of this experience, MC developed as the first company to make connectors for PV modules, back in 1992. Today, besides connectors, MC offers standard as well as customer specific junction boxes and cables suited to PV needs.

PES: How did the company progress into the solar sector?
RI: As MC is well known for its quality and innovative power, pioneering solar customers turned to us as they wanted to connect modules easily and reliably. Their problem was that existing ‘off-the shelf’ connectors could not withstand the high requirements regarding heat and current. MC was able to develop a solution, based on which the renowned, market leading “MC 3 mm” and “MC 4 mm” range of connectors were established.

PES: How vital are standards of quality to your production?

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