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Launch of the first offshore solar farm in France

The innovative French company SolarinBlue has deployed the first floating solar units in the Mediterranean sea. This demonstrator will supply electricity to one of the top 10 biggest French ports.

SolarinBlue, designer of a floating photovoltaic solution specially designed for the maritime environment, launched the first units of the Sun’Sète project. The demonstrator is installed in the commercial port, 1.5 km from the coast, on the site of a former offshore oil unloading station. It will be completed in a few months by additional units, for a total installed power of 300 kWp.

The Sun’Sète project involves several successive stages, the first of which consists of the installation of two floating units and then the project will grow to 25 units in its final version for a total installed power of 300 kWp and a surface area of half a hectare. The estimated production will then be 400 MWh/year and will be transported by a submarine cable to supply renewable electricity to the infrastructures of the port of Sète. Sète belongs to the top 10 of all French industrial ports.

The project was developed by SolarinBlue in 2021 and obtained all the administrative authorisations in 2022. The environmental aspects of the project have been studied by the French authorities.

SolarinBlue designs a floating photovoltaic solar farm technology, adapted to harsh conditions of open seas, and is developing a portfolio of offshore solar projects in France and internationally.
The company was founded in 2019 by Armand Thiberge, founder of French centaur SendinBlue.  The Indian branch was co-founded in 2020 by Kapil Sharma, co-founder SendinBlue. SolarinBlue is the winner of several labels and grants; rewarding its global expertise in marine energy development.