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Last Word

Despite growing concerns over Feed-in Tariffs, and worries within the industry of a market slow-down over the next couple of years, PES finds it’s not all doom and gloom. In fact, business is booming…

“All over Northern Germany we see such public participation projects come into blossom. PV power plants of this size contribute to a high degree to our future electrical power supply. This means not only can nuclear power plants go offline but plans for new coal fired power stations will be rendered obsolete”
Detlef Matthiessen, spokesman for energy issues in Schleswig-Holstein’s state parliament in Germany

“We need government objectives to stay strong, and as long as they do, we can keep expanding”
Kevin Hard, Chief Executive of Nottingham-based EvoEnergy

“We’re proving, in co-operation with Belelectric, that conversion real estate is outstandingly suited to energy production – and to the advantage of all those involved. The uniformly black appearance of the modules’ surface integrates very well into the existing landscape. This is what the future of energy supply looks like”
Wolfgang Lange, CEO of Solar Frontier Europe

“With this ready-to-install power-plant we offer on the one hand a very interesting investment to the market and on the other hand create a valuable and sustainable contribution to a renewable energy generation in Campania. This is the kind of impulses which Italy’s energy policy needs badly at the moment”
Felice Facchiano, CEO of German Solar System on their new PV plant in Campania, Italy

“For us, the transition to green energy begins today! We consider solar the energy of the future. We are excited about the innovative use of this former military base and support the project”
Helmut Krämer, Mayor of the Markt Giebelstadt, site of a new PV park in Bavaria, Germany


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