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Keeping up with demand is the new PV challenge

It’s boom time for the photovoltaic sector and firms are increasingly finding that demand outstrips supply. This is the experience of Swiss–based Multi–Contact, who are working hard to beat the bottlenecks and ensuring their customers are being satisfactorily serviced.

The global increase in the demand for electric power and the trend towards resource–saving energy production are creating a boom in the photovoltaic sector. Experts and organisations are in agreement that this boom will continue. Studies indicate that in five years’ time the market for PV products will be many times larger than it is today.


Although this is fundamentally good news for our industry and for the environment, one consequence is that demand for PV products exceeds supply and Multi–Contact is constantly having to contend with bottlenecks in the delivery of PV connectors despite having enormously increased their capacity in the past year.

Multi–Contact is making every effort to deliver punctually to their customers. The company has taken a number of further measures to eliminate bottlenecks as quickly as possible:

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