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It’s all in the handling!

At PES we were pleased to sit down with Juan Ramirez, Vice President, A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc. and learn about their innovative QC-SYSTEM and what it offers to the solar/PV industry. With over 30 years’ experience in Europe and Asia, AS is now in the process of conquering the US market. It’s an exciting time for them.

PES: Welcome to PES Solar magazine. Thanks for talking with us. Would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of A.S. Plastics Technology, Inc. and the importance of the Solar/PV industry to you?

Juan Ramirez: Thank you for having us. A.S. has been providing customer based solutions since 1987. We have served many industries worldwide, such as the general chemical industry, semiconductor industry, solar industry, electroplating industry, and pharmaceutical industries to name a few.

Our key to success has been knowing the requirements of each industry, providing our customers simple to use products, using high quality materials to manufacture or products, and maintaining and incorporating key safety factors that protect the handlers and facility.

The solar/PV industry is important to us because we are aware of the constant push of newer and better technology. With this type of growth, we always like to help improve classical chemical handling to fit today’s standards and regulations. Our focus begins from the initial stages of manufacturing.

We believe that handling chemicals, with our high purity plastics equipment and safety technology, gives a cleaner and safer use of specialty chemicals and hazardous raw materials.

PES: Are you experiencing growth in
this market?

JR: Yes, with new industry demand and government regulations our products are becoming a top solution for our existing customers, as well as a new solution for potential customers.

PES: We have been hearing about your QC-SYSTEM, please can you tell us what this is and what it offers the customer and why this is so important?

JR: The QC-System is our own patented name brand that is short for Quick-Connect System. The main advantages of this are that it provides a closed loop system that prevents venting into the atmosphere, a patented key code system that prevents chemical mix-ups, and a drip free disconnection.

These are major improvements over conventional dispensing methods that are still in use today. With tightening government regulations, our QC-System can help meet those requirements in an economical way and easily integrated in an existing system.

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