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Introducing the quality process

One of the largest fully-integrated solar module producers in the world, Sovello ensures that all the elements of the production process correspond to the highest quality standards and constantly aim for improved sustainability and energy efficiency. Indeed, it is Sovello’s aim to become the world’s ‘most sustainable solar company’. PES takes a look behind the scenes of the company’s quality process.

First of all: the result of the quality process
Due to the integrated production in Thalheim – from growing crystals to the finished module – Sovello knows precisely what material is used in the production process, where and why it is used, and has all the tools for measuring the end result. Quality checks throughout the production process of each product provide a consistently high level of workmanship.

In this way the company can offer a high-quality product that underlines its claim to sell premium quality products that are “made in Germany”. Since 2011 this also comes with an extended warranty of 10 years for products produced in Thalheim, enabling Sovello to guarantee even longer term and more sustainable product security for its customers. Thanks to their excellent specific output/weight ratio (W/kg), the company’s photovoltaic modules are easy to handle and are suitable for any kind of installation. In addition, Sovello also offers solutions both for small systems and large areas with high voltage and low voltage variants. Intelligent connections of the cell strings also ensure that our modules provide the highest possible output even in weak light situations and still perform above-average, even in partial shade.


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