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Industrial power storage systems: The technology makes all the difference

All power storage systems allow you to store energy for later use as needed, regardless of when the power was generated. However, differences in functionality and technology have considerable impacts on the actual use and economic efficiency of such systems. PES brings you the latest up to date information to help you make your choice.

In conventional power storage systems, cells are connected in series. Since it was technically impossible to change this until recently, this concept has remained unchallenged for too long. The possibility of connecting storage system cells entirely in parallel marks a real paradigm shift for power storage.

To understand the extent to which parallel connection has affected and indeed improved the design, operation and performance of a power storage system, you need to look at the numerous problems posed by series connection,” explains Wolfram Walter, the inventor and developer of parallel connection in power storage systems and Managing Director of ASD Automatic Storage Device GmbH (Umkirch, Germany). “Because the fact that all of these problems are solved in one go really underlines the innovative advance made here.”

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