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INDEOTEC SA announces a purchase order for an Octopus-II PECVD & PVD from the Italian PV Gigafactory.

Neuchâtel, 18 January 2023 – Indeotec SA (Switzerland) announces it has received an order from the Italian 3Sun Gigafactory for a combined PECVD-PVD cluster tool based on Indeotec’s Octopus II platform to be used for Enel’s new R&D lab in Catania. The delivery is planned for Q2-2023.

Indeotec’s Octopus 2 tool allows the full processing of the heterojunction solar cells with PECVD and PVD layers on a single platform. The excellent thickness and opto-electronic features of the deposited layers, combined with wide process windows are necessary to reach the best-in-class efficiencies in Heterojunction and Tandem solar cell technologies. The fully automated machine is designed in a cluster form to provide highest process flexibility needed for R&D purposes in-line with future solar cell designs. More than 10 machines have been delivered to reputable labs worldwide and have proven to be highly robust and repeatable.

“We are proud to have received the purchase order for our advanced Octopus II PECVD-PVD machine from Enel for their new laboratory and to support their future technologies developments to be deployed in the advanced manufacturing facilities of Enel 3Sun Gigafactory. Our current market traction underlines our capabilities in delivering highly reliable machines to our customers and support them throughout the entire process, from requirement specification through development of new recipes, to process trouble shooting and performance improvement,” states Dr. Omid Shojaei, CEO of Indeotec.