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Iberdrola wins its first floating solar power plant project

Iberdrola has announced its first floating solar power plant project in France. The plant will be developed on the basin of the gravel pit of Bischwiller, in Alsace, with an installed production capacity of 25 MWp, producing about 27 GWh of green electricity per year. This project strengthens Iberdrola’s position in France in the production of green energy, in addition to its wind projects already in operation.
A floating solar power plant on an active gravel pit
The floating solar power plant will be developed, built and operated by Iberdrola on the basin of the gravel pit of Bischwiller, whose land is partially owned by the municipality of Kurtzenhouse. This gravel pit is currently operated by the company Eqiom Granulats. Iberdrola will take into account the presence of these activities during the construction and operation phase of the plant, and will guarantee their continued operation. The floating solar power plant will occupy an area of approximately 13.5 hectares of the 28 hectares available on the site.
By the end of 2026, 10,000 Alsatian homes will be supplied with green electricity
Iberdrola launched the environmental and technical studies in January 2023, in order to determine the most suitable technological solution for the project and the site. These studies will be completed in early 2024, and the building permit application is expected to be filed in the spring of 2024. Commissioning is scheduled for late summer 2026 for a 30-year operating period.
The solar plant will have an installed generating capacity of 25 MWp and will produce approximately 27 GWh of green electricity annually. The electricity produced will be injected into the distribution network to supply nearly 10,000 Alsatian households.
Spin-offs for the territory
The solar power plant project will have a positive impact on the local economy by employing approximately 80 people during the construction phase and 6 direct and indirect jobs for maintenance. Iberdrola intends to give preference to local companies for the execution of the project.
Marc Moser, mayor of Kurtzenhouse, underlined the importance of this project for the territory: “The implementation of this floating solar power plant represents a real opportunity for our territory. This green energy production project contributes to the energy autonomy of the territory while fighting against global warming”.
Iberdrola diversifies
Iberdrola currently operates 11 wind projects in France with a total installed capacity of 118 MW. The company is also developing a portfolio of wind and photovoltaic projects of more than 800 MW in different phases of development, from its offices in Paris, Lyon, Nantes, Nancy, Bordeaux, Limoges and Marseille. Iberdrola is currently building a 496 MW offshore wind farm in the Bay of Saint-Brieuc that will be commissioned in December 2023.
Iberdrola has established a long-term presence in France and is now diversifying into the development of floating solar projects on active industrial sites. Thierry Vergnaud, Director of Iberdrola France’s onshore wind and photovoltaic division, said: “We are very proud to contribute to the development of green energy production solutions alongside the municipality of Kurtzenhouse. This project strengthens Iberdrola France’s position in the Grand Est region”.