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Hind Beaujon, Head of Market Segment Coating, Pfeiffer Vacuum explains to PES the importance of China to the vacuum suppliers and the different emerging developments.

PES: Welcome back to PES Solar/PV magazine. Thanks for talking with us. For the benefit of our new readers would you like to begin by explaining a little about the background of your organisation and how you currently serve the solar/PV industry?

Hind Beaujon: Pfeiffer Vacuum is a leading company in the field of vacuum technology. Indeed vacuum is very critical for key enabling processes serving major industries that transform our daily life such as, telecommunications, connectivity, energy, medical, food, research and development… to list but a few.

We have been active in all the above sectors for more than 125 years and we are continuously improving our industry knowledge and applying it to new applications, to provide the latest vacuum solutions servicing these key industries.

It is just a natural move to develop our activities in key, vacuum emerging industries like Solar, LED and AMOLED which have gained momentum in the last ten years.

PES: You are active in a number of industry sectors. How important is the Solar/PV business in China to Pfeiffer Vacuum?

HB: As I said before, the solar segment has been a focus for Pfeiffer Vacuum for the past 10 years. Of course, as you may know, this industry is still under development and still facing lot of challenges: industrial and technical. These are forcing a number of consolidations and up-down cycles.

Despite these challenges, we do believe in the long term development of solar and our organisation is committed to supporting the industry growth and of course taking part in it.

PES: Which of your solutions are the most in demand in the Chinese market and Asia as a whole?

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