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Hainan outdoor test jointly conducted by DAS Solar and TÜV NORD has officially been grid-connected

Various environmental factors influence the operational performance of a PV plant as a typical outdoor product. Long-term performance of photovoltaic (PV) systems is vital to continuing success in the market place. Recently, during the SNEC 2023 in Shanghai, DAS Solar has signed an outdoor test agreement with TÜV NORD to verify the electrical performance and reliability of N-type modules under 1500V DC voltage. This project officially connected to the power grid in the Hainan base of China Testing & Certification International Group (CTC).

The PV plant is located in Haikou City, Hainan Province. Haikou is tropical monsoon, characterized by high temperatures and humidity. In average, the amount of peak sunlight is 1550 kWh/m2 (horizontal), the duration of sunshine is about 2155 hours, and the temperature is around 24°C.

It contains an N-type TOPCon double-side module string and a P-type PERC double-side module string, resulting in a total installed capacity of approximately 33kW. It is connected to the grid using string inverters. There is a fixed mounting system with a 15° tilt angle, and the lowest point of the modules is 1.5 meters above the ground. This project aims to test the PID effects of the modules under high-temperature, high-humidity outdoor climatic conditions, as well as to compare the difference in kWh/kW power generation rates of the two types of modules. Besides a site-level environmental monitoring station, the site is equipped with high-precision DC meters, module-level temperature sensors, and high-precision irradiance meters. A data collector is connected to these monitoring devices via S485 communication lines, and the data collector is equipped with a 4G wireless module for remote data transfer and download.

DAS Solar will use high-precision on-site sensors and intelligent data analysis models for continuous data collection and analysis in outdoor test, which will include power generation gains for both module types under varying irradiance levels, temperatures, time intervals, and typical sunny conditions. In addition, DAS Solar will assess the impact of PIDs at different module locations, changes in module ELs, as well as infrared imaging analysis on the outdoor performance of N-type modules.

“It is of great significance formally opening the outdoor test under high temperature and high humidity climatic conditions under TÜV Nord and CTC’s partnership with DAS Solar.” said Dr. Song Dengyuan, CTO of DAS Solar. “This outdoor test will delve into the factors influencing the reliability of photovoltaic modules under extreme conditions, leading to an overall enhancement in product quality.”

As a leader in N-type technology, DAS Solar is dedicated to continuous exploration and rigorous research in N-type technology, consistently focusing on product development and reliability. Furthermore, the PV laboratory of DAS Solar has been accredited by TÜV SÜD, TÜV Nord, and CNAS, demonstrating its outstanding testing capabilities and management skills. In addition to providing dependable technical support in the laboratory, DAS Solar is also committed to providing customers with objective and genuine outdoor performance data.